Be the kind of person you want to be attracted to. You will find that you are less and less drawn to people with difficult character issues and more desirous to find people who are full of grace, safety, acceptance, and a hunger to grow.

John Townsend

Sit down before fact with an open mind. Be prepared to give up every preconceived notion. Follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads or you learn nothing. Don’t push out figures when facts are going in the opposite direction…The devil is in the details, but so is salvation.

Hyman G. Rickover

Anonymous asked:

is incest wrong?

I will have to keep my answer brief here, considering my lack of first hand experience with this compulsion, but morality is subjective, thus the answer to your question would depend solely on cultural upbringing, established “opinions”, etc.  Biologically speaking though, in terms of reproduction, incest carries with it a myriad of increased risks of all sorts of disorders for the child.  Morality aside, Biology would appear to suggest against it.

beawilderment asked:

Hi! Not a question. Just wanted to thank you again for creating this space on the internet. It's something I turn to when things get cloudy or I feel myself get sucked into a sort of sadness that comes from witnessing life through a disillusioned perspective, or sometimes even vapidness in order to numb myself of things.. Thanks for shining your light so brightly that many of us can warm ourselves in the glow (and maybe even get lit up one day)

I appreciate the encouragement.  Yes, it maintains itself as a convenient sanctuary from the hyperactive demands of modern civilization and a kind of intellectual reclamation from our constant exposure to deception.  Though what you mention at the end is the most important part, to will this knowledge upon one’s tangible environment.

Starting a fire entails the risk of getting burned, but a burn will heal, while a lifetime of living in the cold darkness will not.

Suffering is not bad. If you understand it rightly, suffering is a cleansing. If you understand it rightly, sadness has a depth to it which no happiness can ever have. A person who is simply happy is always superficial. A person who has not known sorrow and has not known sadness, has not known the depths. He has not touched the bottom of his being; he has remained just on the periphery. One has to move within these two banks. Within these two banks flows the river.


Anonymous asked:

How can you miss and constantly think about someone you haven't seen in a long time and never really knew?

This may be taking place due to having unconsciously developed a fantasy of who this individual is based on assumptions made in response to certain behaviors or their general appearance.

It could also be that the magnitude of what little you did experience with this individual was enough for you to justify desiring their presence so significantly.  Time is not as relevant as the components to the events that take place within a particular time frame.  You can experience a more authentic and intimate connection with a person in 3 days compared to someone you’ve been with for 5 years.

How you treat one person is how you treat the whole universe, because everything is One.

Robert Adams

Anonymous asked:

How do you collect the pieces of your broken heart

Implement a particular time throughout your day for mourning the disconnection and reflecting on the cause and effect of these undesirable circumstances.  All failed relationships yield lessons about ourselves, a particular significant other, or fundamental components of the human psyche in general.  You can also utilize the pain of this rejection as a means of motivation to empower yourself, granted this rejection had a rational basis, if not then you can focus on resuming the status quo of your life before the connection took place with the knowledge of certain undesirable traits to be weary of in others.